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CFCI Awards 2023

We were thrilled to attend the recent CFCI (Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry) Awards Dinner, having unabashedly worked on 9 out of 12 award winning categories!

The event celebrated and showcased design and construction skills, craftsmanship and engineering which have contributed to the built environment of our region.

Shortlisted projects were visited by the judges in early February to examine the buildings submitted in greater detail and experience the spaces first-hand.

The judging criteria for the awards included the context and the brief for the building, the design solution adopted, the quality and difficulty of the construction and the craftsmanship displayed in the building. Accessibility and the creation of an inclusive environment are also vital considerations.

Each scheme was expected to address environmental concerns, including energy performance. In addition, where possible, the projects were expected to contribute to the natural environment both on the building and in the landscape around the building.

Our congratulations go to all winners and commendations, but especially to Architype CISL Entopia for winning the 'David Mackay Award for Engineering and Sustainability' as well as 'Best Building: Conservation, Alteration or Extension Building' categories and to Feilden Fowles Homerton College Dining Hall for winning 'Best New Building – Over £2m Construction Costs' as well as being the joint winner of 'Craftsmanship Award'.

Congratulations to R H Partnership Architects Lucy Cavendish College for getting commendations in 'Best New Building – Over £2m Construction Costs' as well as 'David Mackay Award for Engineering and Sustainability'; Homerton Dining Hall commendation for 'David Mackay Award for Engineering and Sustainability'; and Entopia commendation for 'Craftmanship Award'!

For all the winners, commendations and CFCI jury comments on the projects see here!

CISL Entopia

University of Cambridge, Homerton College

University of Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish College


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