The Cambridge Mikvah


The orthodox Jewish community in Cambridge had for many years sought to construct a Mikvah, ( the Hebrew word simply meaning water collection).

In 2009 Eve Waldron Design were commissioned to design a Mikvah for the Cambridge Rohr Chabad in the annex to their property on Castle Hill. The works involved the conversion of an existing garage for the Mikvah and other alterations to the buiding to provide a Preparation Room and an Entrance area.

Excavations in the garage had to be taken to a depth of three metres and extensive underpinning works had to be done. The casting of the Mikvah in reinforced concrete had do be done in a single pour in accordance with traditional Jewish practice. Integral with the Mikvah is a lower chamber (below the visable bathing chamber) to collect rainwater from the roof of the building . A small plant room to accommadate the filtration and clorination equipment is also provided .

Construction started in April 2011 after the granting of Planning Permission. Following a single stage tender process Regent Construction were awarded the contract to undertake the work which was let as a JCT Minor Works contract. In September 2011 Rabbi Jonathan Sacks officially opened the Mikvah.